Travel Info updated

The updated information about the options how to travel to Senec (timetables, useful links etc) can be found in the Location section.

Age Categories

We have been informed to have posted an incorrect definition of eligibility to compete in the Age Categories.

3 weeks to go!

Only three weeks are left until the WSC and WPC 2016 starts. Please read carefully the newest information and answers to the most frequently asked questions in your emails.

Detailed Schedule

Detailed Schedule

WSC & WPC 2016 begins in only 2 months! Detailed schedule is now available. You can now begin looking forward to individual and team rounds, WPF GP finals and, last but not least, evening program. WPF meetings schedule Thursday, October 20th (all day) - WPF General Assembly Thursday, October 20th (21:30 - 22:30) - Open General Assembly Meeting Friday, October 21th (lunchtime) - WPF General Assembly

Only 10 weeks left

In 10 weeks, the World Sudoku Championship begins! Don't forget that after the 10th of September, the participation fees will be increased by 15%.

Participation fees update

We would like to inform you that the deadline for the basic participants fee has expired. All participants who have not registered yet will be charged additional 7% of the fees.

Slovak Puzzle Championship 2016

The 16th Slovak Puzzle Championship was held on 19th June in Žilina.

Slovak Sudoku Championship 2016

10th Slovak Sudoku Championship was held in Zilina on 18th of June, 2016.